Beautiful U

Stepping ahead of the curve of digital marketing, Beautiful-U is the first of content marketing hub developed to capitalize on driving education & consideration on beauty and lifestyle content for beauty brand portfolio.

Understanding the exponential growth of digital communication within the female audience in Sri Lanka, strives to maintain a steady flow of innovation and content that will always add value to any female, whether it be inspirational, interactive.


We found out that content consumption in relation to beauty and lifestyle content in Sri lanka was rapidly increasing but there was a gap in catering to the local audience with localized content.

In addition, an of consumer centric brands promoting their products through disruptive creatives in digital was overwhelming to the consumers who has the power of ignoring/blocking the ads in digital space.

Idea and solution

Creating a content hub focusing on Unilever’s beauty product portfolio, targeting females which became Sri lanka’s first female focused beauty content portal.

Giving prominence to content opposed to integrating brands, and educating users on beauty and lifestyle related content topics while subtly brand messages and functions within the content.

Beautiful You